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Pre-Order Info for Nordguard Hardcovers [May. 20th, 2011|11:52 am]
Tomorrow morning the pre-orders for the hardcover editions of Across Thin Ice begins!
(Not to mention the hardcovers of Kyell Gold's Out of Position and Isolation Play books!)

Sofawolf Press has posted information on ordering, how to get your copy and how to be kind to their servers. Give it a read, over here on the Sofawolf Press Livejournal!
In short, there's no need to slam their servers at 8am, since there should be plenty of books to go around--and if you want to slam their servers anyway, you can save yourself the time and make an account on their website before hand. ;]

Also in the Sofawolf post, there's a bit of information on international shipping options, and links to Sofawolf's German and Brazilian distributors, which may provide you a cheaper shipping option.

As a reminder, this is just pre-orders for the signed hardcover edition, which you can either opt to pick up at AnthroCon (with a valid ID), or have it mailed to you July 1st. The hardcover edition is $39, and the softcover edition will be $19.95. Both editions are full color, the softcover is 9x11.5 and the hardcover is a bit larger. The hardcover also has a snazzy map on the inside covers, which the softcover does not. ;]

There will be no pre-orders for the softcover edition and those will go for sale first at AnthroCon June 23rd, and be available online July 1st from the Sofawolf Press website. Later this year, you can also pick up a softcover copy at many major comic and fandom conventions that Sofawolf Press attends or distributes to, such as ComicCon and EuroFurence.

That's all, back to painting I go! :]