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Nordguard Cast - Nickel and Geri [Sep. 10th, 2011|01:28 pm]

Nickel and Geri
In bits of my spare time, I've been working to compile a bit of a Nordguard "cast list" for the website. As soon as I have the majority of the main characters finished, I'll put it up!


Sold Out For Now!
Wow, those went a bit quicker than I thought they would! If you missed your chance to get a Nordguard patch or sticker, don't worry! I'll have some with me at RainFurrest later this month, as well as MidwestFurfest in November.

Thank you to everyone who picked one up!

And in other news-- Nordguard Patches and indoor/outdoor vinyl stickers are now for sale! Check 'em out over here! I'll only have them up for a week or until supplies run out, since after than I'm out of town again!
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For Coloradans, Canadians, and Everybody [Aug. 27th, 2011|06:16 pm]
For the Coloradans:
In the few days I've been at home this month, I've been rampaging around to comic-book shops in the surrounding area, with Across Thin Ice copies in hand. I'm happy to say, everyone who saw it was very enthusiastic about the book! Several comic book places will be ordering
from Diamond (and have books hopefully in October,) but a some places picked up some copies on the spot. So if you're in Colorado, want to get yourself a copy of ATI, and would like to support some super friendly local businesses, check out:

- Kilgore Books, Located 624 E 13th Avenue, Denver CO 80203 (signed copies)
- Calico Books, Located at 300 Nickel Street, Broomfield, CO 8002 (signed copies)
- I Want More Comics! Located at 1020 W 104th Ave, Northglenn, CO 80234
- Time Warp, at 3105 28th Street, Boulder CO! (signed copies)

I plan on hitting a few more places along the road south tomorrow,  namely the 'Springs, and I may stop in Santa Fe and Albuquerque. If you
know of any good places to hit up, let me know! I'll try to post an updated list if any more places want to pick up copies on the spot. :]

For the Canadians:
Half of me has the utmost pleasure of being a GoH of Camp Feral next week! I'll be running a couple of workshops there during the day,
and drinking by night (maybe by day, too.) With me, I will have a small assortment of prints, Nordguard patches, stickers, about a bajllion  original sketches (been spending most of my time sketching, as it were,) and some Across Thin Ice copies in tow. There are good times ahead!
(In the Feral raffle, I'll be donating a copy of Across Thin Ice that I have lovingly defiled with a Nickel. ;] )

For Everybody:
If you want to see Nordguard: Across Thin Ice in your local stores, it's not too late!

If you haven't already, you've got between now and September 1st to ask  your local comic purveyor to order it through Diamond. Let 'em know it's a Diamond Staff Pick, it's #318, and it's full of awesome! There's more information over here about what to do if you want to help!

Once again, thanks for everyone's enthusiasm and support!

(Also, I am over on LiveStream painting for a little bit on some Nordguard related things. I'm putting together a cast page of sorts and a few other things for the site, so if you're interested in seeing a growly Geri, come check it out!)

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Nordguard in Stores/Diamond Staff Pick [Aug. 10th, 2011|01:07 pm]
I’m very happy to say Nordguard: Across Thin Ice has been chosen as an August Staff Pick by Diamond Distributors! Take a look! Diamond is the largest comic book distributor in North America—essentially, Diamond puts out a giant catalog which comic book stores/retailers order the lion’s share of their product from.
So what does that mean?

It mean’s I’ve got a small favor to ask! If you’re interested in seeing Across Thin Ice carried in stores around the country, you’ve got until the end of this month to ask your local comic shop to stock it!

Ask for "Across Thin Ice," mention that it’s a staff pick on page #318 in Diamond’s August Previews Catalog, and that you’d love to order one or a dozen copies. ;]

If you have a copy already, bring it in to show them!

So, if you read the book and liked it, or just want to get a copy for yourself without shopping online, or just want to get the word out there--I’d be really appreciative if you ask for Across Thin Ice at your local comic store, anytime between now and September 1st!

Also, if you’re over seas and want to spare yourself shipping from the US - Across Thin Ice has already started to pop up in many comic book stores online—for you UK folks, Forbidden Planet has listed it as a pre-order! Same with Archonia in Belgium! (If you don't order it, they may not stock it--so if you've had your eye on a copy but want cheaper shipping, this is the time to buy!)

Alopex from Sofawolf Press wrote a longer explanation about Diamond’s role and what you can do to help! Check it out! :]

Thank you for the moment of your time, and once again, a big thanks to everyone who’s already gotten a copy of Across Thin Ice!
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Nordguard Reviews & ComicCon [Aug. 2nd, 2011|11:57 am]
Nordguard Reviews:

First things first! Have a couple Nordguard: Across The Ice reviews!

…And of course, you can still pick up a copy online from Sofawolf Press! Click here! ;]


In a nutshell, ComicCon was fantastic! I haven’t been in a few years, so it was great to get a chance to run around, buy art and books, find cool comics, canoodle, break out some dice for a spot of gaming, be spoiled by San Diego’s weather and delicious sundries, and generally be entirely overwhelmed by the 150k+ people. I’m also pleased to say Nordguard: Across Thin Ice was very well received! Thank you to everyone who stopped by to pick up a copy and have it signed!

Also, Pi was running around most days of SDCC!
(Click here to see some photos over on Blogspot!)


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Headed to ComicCon, ATI Page 4 [Jul. 19th, 2011|04:30 pm]

Tomorrow afternoon I'm headed west for San Diego and ComicCon 2011!

I'll be running around most of the time, but you can catch me at the Sofawolf Press booth various times during the weekend. I'm more than happy to sign anything, as always! I'll be using my @screwbald Twitter for the convention, and to alert folks to when I'll be at the Sofawolf Booth in case you wanted to swing by!

So stop by Booth #1236 (in the webcomic section, that orange one, on your map!)
You can grab a copy of Nordguard: Across Thin Ice, or Dog's Days of Summer, or any other fine Sofawolf books!

Sofawolf Press' will also have the last hardcover Across Thin Ice copies, so if you wanted one and missed out at either AnthroCon or the online pre-sales, now may be your last chance to get the first print/first edition hardcover!

Click for Page 4 from Across Thin Ice, and...Collapse )
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Across Thin Ice, Available Now! [Jul. 1st, 2011|06:49 pm]
[Current Music |Three Dog Night - Joy to the World]

In an effort to be brief (and spare clogging up LJ inboxes) I'll just say this one thing:

Starting today, Across Thin Ice is available to purchase from Sofawolf Press' website!

Click Here to get your own copy of Across Thin Ice!
Softcovers are $19.95, 75 full color pages of arctic adventure, suitable for ages 13 and up! (There's some violence and language!)

Pre-orders of the signed hardcover ATI books also hit the post office today!
I also have some Nordguard patches and vinyl stickers left over, and soon as I'm settled back in, I'll see about making them available for sale online.

You can read the full post-AnthroCon post over this way, if you've a mind to!
Have a great weekend! :]
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Nordguard Patches and Stickers [Jun. 19th, 2011|07:56 pm]

With AnthroCon and the release of Across Thin Ice now less than a week away, I figured it's time to post these! :]

I'll have Nordguard patches and stickers for sale at my dealer's table (G15) at AnthroCon-- I'll have a few of the regular Nordguard 3.5" patches (ones on the left there,) and in the middle, some of the "special release" patches (3" in size) to coincide with the comic's debut, and last, there's some vinyl indoor/outdoor Nordguard stickers!

Also, just a reminder--to either pick up your pre-ordered hardcover copies, or just buy a hardcover or softcover copy of Across Thin Ice, you'll want to go to Sofawolf Press' island for that! I won't have any copies for sale. Afterwards, you're welcome to come by my table if you'd like them vandalized by a signature. ;]

If you're not making it to AnthroCon or ComicCon, Across Thin Ice softcovers will go for sale online ($19.95) right here: click!

And, I suppose, if I have any left over patches and such, I'll offer them for sale when I make my way home after the convention!
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The Books! [Jun. 5th, 2011|11:59 am]
[Current Music |Spoon - I Turn My Camera On]

It's a pretty great feeling to finish a large project, in a kind of abstract and liberating way. It's an entirely different and equally wonderful feeling to finally be holding the physical final product in your hands. :]

The fellows at Sofawolf Press were kind enough to overnight us a soft and hardcover copy of Across Thin Ice, soon as they received them from the printer. They turned out great! The paper is high quality, the colors are nice, they are heavy, and smell like new stickers. The hardcover is especially meaty and I think I could fend off a hungry bear by using it as a club. Not that I intend to, but, you never know.

A couple more photos!Collapse )
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Across Thin Ice - Cover [May. 22nd, 2011|03:36 pm]
[Current Music |Bing Crosby and the Andrews Sisters - Pistol Packin' Mama]

Here is the cover for Across Thin Ice, Book One of the Nordguard graphic novel trilogy.

I can't believe I'm typing this, but...As of posting this, there's only 7 signed copies of the hardcover edition still available for pre-order! :]
More info on the pre-order here!)

==Scratch that, looks like all the hardcover preorders have been sold!==

Pre-orders will ship July 1st, or you can pick it up at AnthroCon. There will also be 200 or so hardcover copies, which are not part of the pre-orders, that will be available at Anthrocon, and ComicCon, while supplies last. Those will be sold first come, first serve, so if you miss out on the hardcover pre-orders and are attending AC, you still stand a good chance of getting one! (There will be plenty of softcover copies, this is just if you're interested in getting one of the first-edition hardcovers.)

And, last reminder, the softcover copies for $19.95 will first debut at AnthroCon, and go for sale online July 1st 2011, from Sofawolf Press's site, here!

Larger Version of the Cover Under Here!Collapse )

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Pre-Order Info for Nordguard Hardcovers [May. 20th, 2011|11:52 am]
Tomorrow morning the pre-orders for the hardcover editions of Across Thin Ice begins!
(Not to mention the hardcovers of Kyell Gold's Out of Position and Isolation Play books!)

Sofawolf Press has posted information on ordering, how to get your copy and how to be kind to their servers. Give it a read, over here on the Sofawolf Press Livejournal!
In short, there's no need to slam their servers at 8am, since there should be plenty of books to go around--and if you want to slam their servers anyway, you can save yourself the time and make an account on their website before hand. ;]

Also in the Sofawolf post, there's a bit of information on international shipping options, and links to Sofawolf's German and Brazilian distributors, which may provide you a cheaper shipping option.

As a reminder, this is just pre-orders for the signed hardcover edition, which you can either opt to pick up at AnthroCon (with a valid ID), or have it mailed to you July 1st. The hardcover edition is $39, and the softcover edition will be $19.95. Both editions are full color, the softcover is 9x11.5 and the hardcover is a bit larger. The hardcover also has a snazzy map on the inside covers, which the softcover does not. ;]

There will be no pre-orders for the softcover edition and those will go for sale first at AnthroCon June 23rd, and be available online July 1st from the Sofawolf Press website. Later this year, you can also pick up a softcover copy at many major comic and fandom conventions that Sofawolf Press attends or distributes to, such as ComicCon and EuroFurence.

That's all, back to painting I go! :]
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