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Across Thin Ice, Release Date Announced [May. 18th, 2011|05:31 pm]
[Current Music |The Killers - All These Things That I've Done]

I am very happy to write this journal, and to have finally come to this day...

Across Thin Ice, first of the Nordguard books, is finished.

Release Information, Price, Hardcover Pre-Order Info, and MORE, under the cut!Collapse )
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Painting the Last Page [Apr. 12th, 2011|10:11 pm]

Tonight, I am very happy to begin work on the 'last' page of the first Nordguard book, Across Thin Ice. It marks the culmination of a lot of time and effort, and I'm excited and proud to have finally arrived here at the "end."

I'll be painting on it through the night until it's either finished, (or I fall asleep with the paint brush in my hand, again.) I’ll be streaming the painting on LiveStream for a while, so stop by if you want!

In a couple of weeks when everything has made its way to the publisher, I'll get back with a longer post about the official releases and other pertinent information!

And until then, back to painting, one more time...!

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Odds and Ends, before the End [Apr. 10th, 2011|02:10 am]
[Current Music |Eddit Rabbit - Driving My Life Away]

Despite the radio-silence, the last few weeks have been a flurry of one thing or another--the "one thing" being comic pages, and the other being caffeine. However, the end might just be in sight. I will have more exciting news on that front, very soon. In the meantime, a few photos of painting progressions, dog sketches and stray cougars!

Click for Larger Images...Collapse )
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More Patches, Plus Lee [Feb. 26th, 2011|03:07 pm]

First thing: Yesterday, the second batch of the Nordguard Patches came in! If you missed out on the first ones, now is your chance! :]

They are 3.5 inches in diameter, 50% embroidery with a merrowed edge. Patches are $6.50 per, plus shipping!
More information, photos and how to order are up on: www.nordguard.com/patches

And below, a character you haven't seen before and a sanity husky!Collapse )
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Across Thin Ice: Page 30 [Feb. 10th, 2011|03:25 pm]

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Nordguard on Livestream [Jan. 29th, 2011|03:06 pm]
[Current Music |Michael Hurley - I Paint A Design]

A few people have asked me over the last couple years, so I figured I'd give this whole Livestream thing a go!
Check it out, here: http://www.livestream.com/blotch

For the next few months, I'll be working pretty steadily on Across Thin Ice.
I'll be streaming off and on when I'm not working on pages rife with spoilers.

To minimize spam, I'll brush the dust off of my ol' screwbald Twitter account (here,) and finally put the thing to use. It'll update when I plan to be streaming for a fair period of time. (However, most of my waking hours are spent on art--a good portion of that painting--so you can always tune in to check if I'm up to something.)
From time to time, I will also announce when I'm streaming on the Nordguard Twitter, depending what I'm working on.

Since I'm painting and not really watching the chat, I probably won't be very responsive to questions.

From past experience, ones that come up often are:
What paint/paper do you use?
Winsor & Newton watercolors, and Arches 140lbs watercolor paper.
What ink do you use?
Speedball ink, and a small paintbrush
What is this comic thing?
Check out the rest of this blog, or www.nordguard.com

Thanks, and if you decide to tune in, I hope you enjoy! :]

EDIT: The viewer limit will be raised soon as the channel gets verified in a day or two. :]
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Across Thin Ice: Page 26 [Jan. 1st, 2011|02:32 pm]
Happy New Year!

My year is promising to be a busy one, and the one resolution to note would be to finish this first Nordguard book. ;]
Here's a page I completed earlier in December plus a few progress photos of it and page 28!

Across Thin Ice: Page 26
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Updates and Page 47 [Dec. 12th, 2010|01:15 pm]
This month marked the return of my full-time work on Across Thin Ice, and here's a page to celebrate!

Across Thin Ice, pg 47

Click for a larger version of the page, progress photos and an update!Collapse )

The comic should keep me busy and out of trouble through the winter (and probably spring), and be done this summer, barring anything unforeseen.
So, December, onward into winter, knee deep in huskies we go!
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Across Thin Ice: Page 11 [Oct. 1st, 2010|05:35 pm]
[Current Music |Johnny Horon - When It's Springtime in Alaska (It's Fourty Below)]

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More Pages and Progress [Sep. 14th, 2010|05:14 pm]

Things are progressing as they do...

Unsurprisingly, most of my waking hours are spent working on Across Thin Ice. I'm just over a third done painting the 100 some pages of the first book, and when I'm not painting, my sights are turned onto layouts for the next one. It's a ton of work--probably 15-20 hours per page to layout, sketch and clean up, then another 20-25 to ink and paint. I've hit my working stride and things are progressing as they do--slow, but steady. I haven't had much time to do anything else, but it's actually been quite zen.

Looking at the time line now, the release date might get pushed back a few more months. I'm deep enough in now I think I'd be annoyed at myself if I rushed or trimmed a bunch of pages just to meet an early deadline. But such is life--somethings you can't rush and it's better to just enjoy the ride. The plus side is, if I keep on working as I am, with a summer release I can have a preview out for the second book when the first debuts, and there will be significantly less time between their releases.

Anyhow! Have some pages finished earlier this month. :]

Click for the full pages, plus progress photos and some concept sketches!Collapse )
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